Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall decor: Keeping It Simple

     Fall is such a magically beautiful time of year. All the colors, styles, and changing landscape put me in a sort of blissful fog. I stager around with my eyes wide open just wishing this feeling would last forever. 

This year I have had so much fun bringing that same magical fall feeling into our home. I think a lot of the time we think that fall decorations need to be dark, rich, and heavy but they DON'T! They can be light and simple, which is what I will be sharing today.

You won't find any porcelain pilgrims or wood cut-out turkeys. Instead, I've used plants we've gathered that bring an autumn feeling, along with other simple touches. 
The most important thing I've learned is to keep it simple.

In our Entry: A couple pumpkins that escaped being carved for halloween next to family outerwear (this has that magic fall feeling all over it!).

Pine cones and ribbon bring so much to the sconces, and the indian corn on the mirror seems so classically Thanksgiving. 

The front door: I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and altered it to fit my style. It was so easy, just pinecones, hot glue, and ribbon.

On the shelves: A bowl of pinecones, a bundle of dried grass, and some fall branches.  Each of these are gorgeous and... oh yeah, FREE! Even that bottle the branches are in is an old salad dressing bottle!

The Dining Table: I put some dried grass (from our yard) in an old bbq sauce bottle and wrapped it with ribbon. On the chandelier I just placed some branches I clipped from outside.

The white pumpkins are the ONLY actual fall decorations I own that are from a store, and I am obsessed with them. I love that they can be out from September through November!

End Table: place a leaf on the heated wax of a candle and when cooled, the leaf stays put. An easy, cheap way to get a more interesting candle. (The leaf was dried and pressed first, otherwise it would not have kept it's shape or color.)

Lastly: A little sweater pillow makes this room feel warm and cozy.

I still have no idea how I will be decorating the dining tables for Thanksgiving. Any Ideas on how to make it beautiful while leaving plenty of room for all the food?



  1. Chloe - I LOVE all of this! So simple but completely beautiful! Pine cones are my favorite fall decor piece and I use them for Christmas time too. I know they'll end up on my Thanksgiving table but not sure exactly how yet :) So excited for your feature tomorrow!!

  2. Hi Cloe,
    I just love your fall decoration. Just clean and simple but it looks just awesome
    Have a great day.