Monday, June 25, 2012

Stainless Steel Update for Your Dishwasher

when we first bought our home, it needed all new kitchen appliances. Well, nearly all. The dishwasher was almost new,it had hardly been used but it was BLACK! I really wanted all stainless steel appliances BUT I didn't want to have to get rid of a perfectly good dishwasher. Luckily I found the perfect solution!

It's a product called Faux Stainless Steel Film and it is amazing! I ordered it from It's basically a big roll of soft but thick, stainless looking material that is adhesive on one side.

 All I had to do was cut it to size, peel off the backing, and carefully stick it to my dishwasher. The website had instructions and  I found additional help from youtube.

While sticking it on I thought for sure I had wasted my money. It was wrinkling and bubbling and just looking like a mess. I didn't think there was anyway it would look decent and that I would just have to peel it off. Then I stood up and to my surprise it looked amazing! All of the little flaws were no longer visible. Only if you bend down and look at it super close can you tell there are any imperfections.

 It cost about 40 bucks which seems a little pricey, but not too bad considering the end results you get.

The website had a suggested size of film to buy if you are covering a dishwasher, but when I measured I found I could use a much smaller (and cheaper) piece. They also say you can use it on all your appliances but nothing else seems to look good in the end.  I would only want it for a dishwasher.

Sorry I don't have a closeup picture of the dishwasher "before". This one is during the renovation.


I am very happy with my now matching appliances!

If you are considering doing this I would love to answer any questions you have!

Good Luck!