Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playroom Update 2: Kid's Art Display

(To read part 1 of my playroom update click here.)

I love the idea of using children's artwork to decorate the home. But what are we to do when our kids are bringing home a new painting from school every week? or even more often than that?

This is the solution we have come up with in our home to easily display and rotate artwork.

A place for each child to proudly display the art they worked to hard on. It can be admired and appreciated until we are ready to put up a new masterpiece! 

I started out with two black frames I picked up at Walmart. After removing the back and the glass I spray painted them white (If I could have found frames for the same price that were already white, it would have meant a little less work. Painting them was quick and easy though, so it didn't matter to me what color they were when I bought them.)

Then I used painter's tape to make the stripes, and a mini foam roller to apply the navy blue paint. Four coats of paint later and I was able to remove the tape! The foam roller really did a great job at limiting the paint bleeding underneath the tape.

I found this grey polka dot fabric in the remnant section for a super deal. All I had to do was hot glue a piece to the backing of the frame. The white matting came with the frame so I just popped that back into place.

The final step was just to attach these clips. I hot glued each one on and that was it! Done! Wasn't that easy?

So far I am loving theses display frames! Still have a lot to do (including painting the entire room!) but things are beginning to come together!

I would like to label them for each child somehow. I am thinking maybe a wooden initial hanging right above each frame. What do you think? Any other Ideas?