Saturday, September 21, 2013

Taking on the Laundry Room

I recently tried to spruce up our laundry room.  It is a place we see often and use constantly.  In addition to doing laundry, we also use the space for storage and as a mudroom.  Yes, this tiny space is pulling triple duty! Which is why I felt something had to be done to save my sanity.

Here is our laundry room when we first moved into our new house...


And here is our laundry room today....



One of my very first blog posts was on organizing our hall closet at our old house. Most of these bins (along with the junk inside them) were from that closet makeover.  Since I already had containers, organizing was easy.  

I made new labels for the bins, hung some vintage hooks on the wall that I already had,  and installed the new key hooks. 


 The other side of the room is the laundry space 

Since we don't own our house painting wasn't really an option but the walls desperately needed some color.  I found some cute contact paper for a good price and I think it gives the room just the look I was going for. 

 I used four galvanized buckets on the shelf.  One for Oxy clean, one for detergent, one for trash, and the last one for extra supplies I buy in bulk, such as dryer sheets and spray 'n wash. 

You may recognize the chalkboard labels from my playroom makeover.  When I bought them they came in a package of 12, and at the time I thought that was way too many, but they were cheap so I bought them anyway. Well I have used almost all the chalkboard labels now, I love them so much I may need to order more!

Above the dryer are these small buckets I found in the dollar section at Target. I think they are so cute. They keep clothes pins, mesh wash bags, and dryer sheets handy

Over the washer I hung three knobs that hold a measuring cup I use for bleach, Spray 'n Wash, and a jar of flowers because this space just needed some pink!

This pretty white metal basket is also from Target. It holds our bleach and fabric softener. 

I think my favorite part of the room is the quote I typed up and pinned to the basket. It helps me smile when doing laundry, which is a miracle in itself!

Probably the most helpful part of the room is this little "Guide to the Laundry Room". Seriously, I can't be the only one who is dumbfounded by the care symbols on clothes, right? Well, confusion be gone! I now know that a triangle means I can use bleach and that a circle means dry clean only!

Let's take one last look at the before and after....

Laundry Space "Before"
Laundry Space "After"

Storage Space/Mudroom "Before"

Storage Space/Mudroom "After"

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  1. Love this! My laundry room is also one of the things that drives me crazy about our house- too much unorganized storage and beautiful builders white paint. Someday I will fix it and love to be in there but I think you did an amazing job!

  2. Because were renting now also I havent really done anything to our laundry room in fact it looks like your before picture. You have inspired me to make ours a nicer place to be.

  3. I love the galvanized buckets on your top shelf! So cute and practical, too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Amy @

  4. I LOVE it! I live in an apt and the laundry room is hoorendous! not even a table to fold laundry. And it costs $1.75 to wash one load and another to dry one load and the washer only has two options.
    I love the key hooks, where did u get them? esp. the 4 hook one?
    I am not alowed to paint but it is an ugly (puke) cream and the ceiling and walls are diff colors! they didn\t even paint the kitchen b/c we were supossed to be moved in on sept. 1st and the previous tenants were supossed to be out by aug 31, well the tenants couldn't move out until sept. 1st and they literally moved out and the (overworked) maintanence painted and cleaned the carpets and we moved in a few hours later! I will prob end up painting the walls and ceilings white, but we have 'popcorn' ceilings and those are hard to paint I was told. How hard is it to take off contact paper off the wall?

    1. Thank you!! The little key hook rack is from Target, it's part of their Threshold line and is still sold in stores. From my experience, contact paper is very easily removed and does no damage to the surface it was applied to.

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